Saturday, 12 October 2013

Summer Dresses

Both girls are really keen on dresses. Since my older daughter didn't have many that fitted from last year, I had to make some. Even though I don't really like hoods on dresses Schabelina's 'hooded dress' pattern Kapuzenkleidchen is perfect, because there are so many variations and you can even mix knits with woven material.

So the first dress was made from yellow Trigema piquet and woven material from my mother-in-law.

Then one with lilac piquet and two different tweet cottons. Since I even had the matching ribbon for this material it looks quite fancy, I think.

My younger daughter got almost the same.

Here an action picture from the square in Siena with both girls wearing their dresses.


For her second birthday she got a lovely strawberry dress with Pinocchio on top.

...and matching leggings...

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