Monday, 30 April 2012

Toddler Meitai

Since I'm currently working on a meitai for my husband, I'd like to look back on previous meitais I made for our older daughter.

The last one was my Wooow Meitai, unfortunately we didn't use it so often, since she preferred to walk at that time.

The other side for a more discreet  design

The shoulder straps are padded so the weight is more comfortable...

Newborn Meitai

For our nephew, who was about 5 weeks premature, we wanted to give a good baby carrier like an Ergo, Bondolino, Mysol, Manduca or Didytai. Ergo we both know and my sister-in-law liked it, too, so we wanted to go for it. However, for newborns let alone prematures an Ergo is not exactly perfect. The legs would be pulled apart too wide (it should not be more than 90 degrees) and the panel too high and too wide not giving enough support to baby's delicate spine. Carrying with a quality baywrap like Didymos, Natibaby, Girasol, Hoppediz or Kokadi would certainly be the best solution, but my sister-in-law found that too unpractical for her. So I decided to sew a newborn meitai from a Didymos Silber Wellen wrap.

The panel can be adjusted

The headrest supports the baby's head especially when he is asleep

This specific one can be worn inside out so there is a bit of variety in the design. The inside is made from a Didymos Ellipsen black/ ecru

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sisters' outfits

I have a new favourite: Karys by Corina from Olilu. Big sister chose the fabrics and since it came out so beautiful, I decided to make exactly the same for the little one. 

And look, how cute she is with her new blouse! Ok, the striped onesy is maybe a bit too much, so just blend that out ;)

I don't have an action foto of both girs yet, but the big sister looks adorable in hers, too!

Some detail pics:

I really love the pattern, since it is something different, you can use your scraps and combine them with solids or other patterns, it's easy to sew and doesn't really take that long!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tussah Silk Fish Salvia

Okay, today I would like to present something that has to do with fabrics but did not involve any needles from my side. Still it was quite an exciting project.

Being into baby wearing and beautiful wraps I bought a tussay silk wrap, Didymos Tussah Fische, some time ago. While the golden / bronze tussah fish are charming as they are, I still felt it was not really my colour, so I decided to dye the silk part of the fabric with blue food colour. I was a bit at loss as to how much I would need, so I got 20 ml of pure E 131. When I dyed it in a plastic tub it turned out to be a bit too weak, so I added 3 easter egg colour tablets. The result looked good in the tub, I just made a mistake in rinsing it immediately after before I put it in the oven to fix the colours. In the end the desired petrol/ blue did not show but instead a faint blueish green. Reminds me of pictures of Didymos Jim Salvia, so here are my Salvia Fish:

With a Medium sized blue sling ring so that I can tie my  favourite wrap job 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

against the cold

Yes, it's cold again here... So it kinda makes sense to show the blanket that I made for our youngest in the bike trailer. The pattern was a free pattern from kallou france - they have now removed it and you can only get a paying pattern, so I was lucky.

Unfortunately the whole blanket was too thick for in the car seat, but it worked well in the bike trailer.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

strawberry baby shoes

Strawberries were the theme of our birth notifications and baby gifts (doopsuiker) almost one year ago. Now our youngest is busy crawling and standing up so finally she needed leather shoes - following up the strawberry theme:

The leather I got from, where you can get all kinds of sizes and colours.

I used bra-straps of an old bra of mine as elastics...

The colour scheme is just adorable, I love the red combined with blue and turquoise and they just look awesome with this body dress: