Friday, 4 July 2014

Some summer dresses for me and my girls

I have sewn way more in the meantime, but still lagging behind taking pictures and blogging - the usual ;)

But some of my most recent projects were these Seesaw dresses for my daughters from Ottobre 3/2013

I did topstitch the collar of the smaller dress later on, so the white of the reverse material is not so visible any more.

For myself I made a dress that has been on my list for more than a year now. It's from Burda 2/2013 dress 110 (Batikkleid). Since my previous attempts to sew something from Burda for myself were not super successful, I decided to go cheap on this attempt: The material was only 2,- per meter! I don't expect this dress to last forever, but at least I can wear it this summer.

So this is what it looked like at first: The clevage was quite a mess, as you can see.

So I moved the right shoulder seam about 4 cm inwards (shortening the backpart and the front part 4 cm each), then it looked much better.

The pattern of my cheap material is not exactly flattering for my bust, I think, but I won't whine too much about a dress for 5,-...

Thursday, 20 March 2014

RUMS 12/14 Monday Basic again

I got some great knits for shirts for myself. One of the more daring knits I used for this Monday Basic. Combined with a uni knit I quite like it.

Pattern is Monday Basic from Ottobre 5/2013. I still used size 46 but made it a bit tighter and I rounded the seamline a bit. I guess the next one I will keep a bit longer, what do you think?

And now I'll check for the early birdies on RUMS

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


As usual I'm late with my posts, but here they are: fairy costumes for my two girls.

For the pattern I used Schabelinas Kapuzenkleidchen (again), adapted the parts of the skirt and also the top part.

My older daughter wanted to be Tinkerbell (her wings are unfortunately taken off)

My younger daughter is Iridessa, but luckily she is not aware of the respective colour concept.

I made the wings using several tutorials on the net.

And this clown costume was made by my little one. Isn't she cute in it?

Monday, 17 March 2014

Boyish Birthday Shirt

A rather simple shirt, Little Lamb (Ottobre 04/2012), pimped with pockets. I hope it will fit and the big boy will like it ;)

Off with it to made4boys...

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Birthday dress for a friend's daughter

The pattern for the summerdresses, Schnabelina's kapuzenkleidchen is really very versatile, it can be made with knits only, top knits and skirt woven material or woven material only (with buttons / zip somewhere). This time I used it for a winter version: knit for the top, corduroy for the skirt.

The dress is really easy and normally fast to make, but this time I almost wrecked my two sewing machines. First the embroidery (from emblibrary) went wrong and everything was blocked, then the corduroy broke one of the needles of my overlock, then the overlock went completely crazy. I managed to finish the dress and I found the reason for the behaviour of my overlock: A screw is missing! No idea where it could be and how it could get lost without me noticing it, but I guess it should be easy to fix.

So here is the dress. The colours should be orange or red - so it's both, which should be perfect, the theme princesses or elves. I took a princess.

And now another entry to creadienstag!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

RUMS #43 - or Monday Basic meets Martha

Since I found this pattern for a basic raglan shirt that fits me in the current Ottobre, I want to use and vary it a bit more.

This time I wanted to make my own version of the Martha pattern (by milchmonster) that I have seen so often in blogs or forums. I cut the original pattern in a wavy line under my breast and added a part for the pockets. I also wanted to give it a try with those lovely maxi collars, but the pieces that I had cut for it were way too short, so I only got a small collar. I wasn't so sure how to attach it either, so my solution is not really very professional. To make the neckline a bit more sophisticated I made a short verticular cut in the middle and only folded and topstitched the seam, adding a loop in the middle. Could be preciser and straighter, but hey, for myself I'm never so critical...

So off we go to RUMS!