Thursday, 24 October 2013

RUMS #43 - or Monday Basic meets Martha

Since I found this pattern for a basic raglan shirt that fits me in the current Ottobre, I want to use and vary it a bit more.

This time I wanted to make my own version of the Martha pattern (by milchmonster) that I have seen so often in blogs or forums. I cut the original pattern in a wavy line under my breast and added a part for the pockets. I also wanted to give it a try with those lovely maxi collars, but the pieces that I had cut for it were way too short, so I only got a small collar. I wasn't so sure how to attach it either, so my solution is not really very professional. To make the neckline a bit more sophisticated I made a short verticular cut in the middle and only folded and topstitched the seam, adding a loop in the middle. Could be preciser and straighter, but hey, for myself I'm never so critical...

So off we go to RUMS!

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