Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Schnabelina's Kinderröckli for Creadienstag #96 and Meitlisache

Another German blog project is Creadienstag. Here your creativity is not limited to sewing and you can post anything you made yourself not only things FOR yourself.

For some time already my older daughter wanted to get a new skirt. Since she liked the summer dresses à la Schnabelina so much, we went for the Schnabelina Kinderröckli. Unfortunately, with the first version  I made a mistake and took the pattern for knits instead of woven material. That skirt will probably go to my daughter's best friend, who is very petite and should fit into it. So I had to do it all over again and this time not only with the right pattern, but also with one panel a bit more embellished. My daughter loves it!

Since it's a really girly outfit, off we go to Meitlisache

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