Thursday, 30 April 2015

Schultüte - Sugarcone

For the daughter of my friend I made a traditional German treat for the first day at school next September, it's called Schultüte. All kids starting school get one filled with sweets, treats and small gifts. I used the same embroidery files as for my own daughter, but with the different colour scheme it really looks quite different.

Yeli Skirt

Finally I got some time to test a new pattern for Corina from olilu.

The skirt is an easy project and as you can see you can highlight nice fabrics just using a small piece of it. For my unicorn obsessed girls the choice of fabrics was just perfect - and I will still have enough unicorn fabric for a dress or blouse :)

I made size 98/104 for my 102 cm tall youngest and 134/140 for my 129 cm tall girl. I'm quite happy with the fit of both skirts!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Unicorn carneval costumes for my girls

This year my older daughter wanted to be a unicorn for carneval. Of course, when the younger one heard that, she wanted to be one, too. So looked on the internet for inspiration and found a great tutorial and as basis I used the free Schnabelina Jawepu pattern.

This is the result:

My youngest combined her unicorn top with last year's fairy dress and wings.