Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Birthday dress for a friend's daughter

The pattern for the summerdresses, Schnabelina's kapuzenkleidchen is really very versatile, it can be made with knits only, top knits and skirt woven material or woven material only (with buttons / zip somewhere). This time I used it for a winter version: knit for the top, corduroy for the skirt.

The dress is really easy and normally fast to make, but this time I almost wrecked my two sewing machines. First the embroidery (from emblibrary) went wrong and everything was blocked, then the corduroy broke one of the needles of my overlock, then the overlock went completely crazy. I managed to finish the dress and I found the reason for the behaviour of my overlock: A screw is missing! No idea where it could be and how it could get lost without me noticing it, but I guess it should be easy to fix.

So here is the dress. The colours should be orange or red - so it's both, which should be perfect, the theme princesses or elves. I took a princess.

And now another entry to creadienstag!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

RUMS #43 - or Monday Basic meets Martha

Since I found this pattern for a basic raglan shirt that fits me in the current Ottobre, I want to use and vary it a bit more.

This time I wanted to make my own version of the Martha pattern (by milchmonster) that I have seen so often in blogs or forums. I cut the original pattern in a wavy line under my breast and added a part for the pockets. I also wanted to give it a try with those lovely maxi collars, but the pieces that I had cut for it were way too short, so I only got a small collar. I wasn't so sure how to attach it either, so my solution is not really very professional. To make the neckline a bit more sophisticated I made a short verticular cut in the middle and only folded and topstitched the seam, adding a loop in the middle. Could be preciser and straighter, but hey, for myself I'm never so critical...

So off we go to RUMS!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Car bag

A car bag for a little boy

And my entry to made4boys

Schnabelina's Kinderröckli for Creadienstag #96 and Meitlisache

Another German blog project is Creadienstag. Here your creativity is not limited to sewing and you can post anything you made yourself not only things FOR yourself.

For some time already my older daughter wanted to get a new skirt. Since she liked the summer dresses à la Schnabelina so much, we went for the Schnabelina Kinderröckli. Unfortunately, with the first version  I made a mistake and took the pattern for knits instead of woven material. That skirt will probably go to my daughter's best friend, who is very petite and should fit into it. So I had to do it all over again and this time not only with the right pattern, but also with one panel a bit more embellished. My daughter loves it!

Since it's a really girly outfit, off we go to Meitlisache

Friday, 18 October 2013

wellingtons in leather

My youngest needed new shoes. Well, she would have been fine wearing wellingtons all day long, but I guess it's not the most healthy footwear. I knew I had to convince her somehow to give the new shoes a chance, so I put a wellington boot on one of the shoes and matching rain clouds on the other.

Pattern is from klimperklein. A very thorough e-book and the pattern fits really well.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

boyish birthday shirt

Our nephew turned three, so a new birthday shirt had to be created.

My first RUMS

The German sewing bloggers have their own version of the MeMadeMonday - takes place on Thursdays and it's called RUMS.

Today, for the first time, I managed to take part:

A Basic Monday Shirt from Ottobre 5/2013.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Wrap Conversion Halfbuckle - Hoppediz Panama

I have just noticed that I still haven't shown the halfbuckle wrap conversion, I made last year for my husband. I talked about it here.

I made it from a Hoppediz Panama wrap that I had bought on ebay.

The text on the headrest: shush, I'm sleeping!

Height and width of the panel can be adjusted.

Headrest is detachable (and I could make another, more suitable for myself, since this one says 'baby wearing dad')

The straps are upholstered on top (2cm foam) and can be spread further down.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Several Shirts

A friend asked me to make some shirts for newborns and their siblings.

And this is one for my own daughter

The front girlie got a button so that Daddy also knows, what is front and what is back...

Summer Dresses

Both girls are really keen on dresses. Since my older daughter didn't have many that fitted from last year, I had to make some. Even though I don't really like hoods on dresses Schabelina's 'hooded dress' pattern Kapuzenkleidchen is perfect, because there are so many variations and you can even mix knits with woven material.

So the first dress was made from yellow Trigema piquet and woven material from my mother-in-law.

Then one with lilac piquet and two different tweet cottons. Since I even had the matching ribbon for this material it looks quite fancy, I think.

My younger daughter got almost the same.

Here an action picture from the square in Siena with both girls wearing their dresses.


For her second birthday she got a lovely strawberry dress with Pinocchio on top.

...and matching leggings...