Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Birthday dress for a friend's daughter

The pattern for the summerdresses, Schnabelina's kapuzenkleidchen is really very versatile, it can be made with knits only, top knits and skirt woven material or woven material only (with buttons / zip somewhere). This time I used it for a winter version: knit for the top, corduroy for the skirt.

The dress is really easy and normally fast to make, but this time I almost wrecked my two sewing machines. First the embroidery (from emblibrary) went wrong and everything was blocked, then the corduroy broke one of the needles of my overlock, then the overlock went completely crazy. I managed to finish the dress and I found the reason for the behaviour of my overlock: A screw is missing! No idea where it could be and how it could get lost without me noticing it, but I guess it should be easy to fix.

So here is the dress. The colours should be orange or red - so it's both, which should be perfect, the theme princesses or elves. I took a princess.

And now another entry to creadienstag!

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