Thursday, 2 February 2012

exploring the leather world

For my leather range I started out with 4-5 pieces bought on a market. I originally wanted to sew a handbag from it - alas, what was needed much more urgently were shoes for my daughter. I took the measurements and according to some instructions I found on   hobbyschneiderin I managed my first pair of shoes. Parts of the appliqué were a bit tricky to sew, especially with my old Privileg sewing machine, but my daughter loved her new red leather shoes.

The second pair I was super happy with the appliqué, however the material, leather from an old pair of leather trousers of my mum's, was far from ideal for shoes: too thin, too soft...

So for the next pair I ordered leather from manu-faktur - such a great selection of colours they have! Dear daughter had just started her purple phase, so purple had to be part of the design at least. Pippi Longstocking was a favourite, too, so out came these

Da ich für Pippis Haare kein oranges Leder hatte, hab ich das rote einfach umgedreht. Die raue Seite ist etwas heller und passt ganz gut.

with monkey ribbon

They turned out fine although the fittimg could have been more perfect...

For the most recent pair I decided to buy a pattern from a professional, so I got another  E-book by Klimperklein. They got a generous pass from dear daughter ;)


  1. Fantastic work, especially love the hedgehog! Too bad I am born with "two left hands" so to speak. Greetings from freezing cold Estonia and I haven`t even congratulated you on your new baby, so congratulations as well!

    1. thank you!!!
      congratulations to your second one, too! she is just 2 weeks younger than ours ;)