Saturday, 4 February 2012

babywearing when it gets cold

It's freezing cold now in Belgium and it has snowed last night, so we had a beautiful , magic, white winter day today.

When it gets cold, there is always the question, what to do with your baby, how to transport her best, what she should wear so that she is warm enough. wearing your baby has the huge advantage that you have her close to you and can warm her with your own body warmth. This effect, however, is reduced the more layers of clothing there are between you and your baby. On top of that it is a real hassle to tie over a thick winter jacket. The solution is a jacket for two!

Now, for this one I used a very thick fleece jacket, cut a rectangular upside-down U into the back and 'filled' the sides with a V of polkadotted fleece. The top also got a stripe of fleece and an elastic to tighten it around baby's neck.

I made this 2,5 years ago and it's still great for late autumn, early spring. Today, unfortunately, it would have been too cold...

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