Monday, 1 September 2014

First day of school

Time flies... I can't believe that my daughter is already in the 'big school' now!

For her first day of school I made her a special dress. She picked the fabric herself and I used Ottobre 3/2012 'trumpet flower' as pattern. I'm quite happy with the result (and so is my daughter ;) )

Unicorns are very big with her at the moment, so no big surprise there's a unicorn on her school bag. To create a more uniform look I used an embroidery design from nähwahna (lovely unicorn) and some scraps from the dress material for her "Schultüte".

Her little sister also got her small "Schultüte" refilled - she got it last January, when she started playschool.

Traditionally German kids get a cone like that on their first day of school. It's filled with some goodies, toys, school supplies, sweets etc. and kids take it along to school (first day of school is a much more festive occassion than here in Belgium...). After school the kids can open their "Schultüte" and check out the content. My daughters loved what they got :).

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