Friday, 4 July 2014

Some summer dresses for me and my girls

I have sewn way more in the meantime, but still lagging behind taking pictures and blogging - the usual ;)

But some of my most recent projects were these Seesaw dresses for my daughters from Ottobre 3/2013

I did topstitch the collar of the smaller dress later on, so the white of the reverse material is not so visible any more.

For myself I made a dress that has been on my list for more than a year now. It's from Burda 2/2013 dress 110 (Batikkleid). Since my previous attempts to sew something from Burda for myself were not super successful, I decided to go cheap on this attempt: The material was only 2,- per meter! I don't expect this dress to last forever, but at least I can wear it this summer.

So this is what it looked like at first: The clevage was quite a mess, as you can see.

So I moved the right shoulder seam about 4 cm inwards (shortening the backpart and the front part 4 cm each), then it looked much better.

The pattern of my cheap material is not exactly flattering for my bust, I think, but I won't whine too much about a dress for 5,-...

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