Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tussah Silk Fish Salvia

Okay, today I would like to present something that has to do with fabrics but did not involve any needles from my side. Still it was quite an exciting project.

Being into baby wearing and beautiful wraps I bought a tussay silk wrap, Didymos Tussah Fische, some time ago. While the golden / bronze tussah fish are charming as they are, I still felt it was not really my colour, so I decided to dye the silk part of the fabric with blue food colour. I was a bit at loss as to how much I would need, so I got 20 ml of pure E 131. When I dyed it in a plastic tub it turned out to be a bit too weak, so I added 3 easter egg colour tablets. The result looked good in the tub, I just made a mistake in rinsing it immediately after before I put it in the oven to fix the colours. In the end the desired petrol/ blue did not show but instead a faint blueish green. Reminds me of pictures of Didymos Jim Salvia, so here are my Salvia Fish:

With a Medium sized blue sling ring so that I can tie my  favourite wrap job 

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