Monday, 30 April 2012

Newborn Meitai

For our nephew, who was about 5 weeks premature, we wanted to give a good baby carrier like an Ergo, Bondolino, Mysol, Manduca or Didytai. Ergo we both know and my sister-in-law liked it, too, so we wanted to go for it. However, for newborns let alone prematures an Ergo is not exactly perfect. The legs would be pulled apart too wide (it should not be more than 90 degrees) and the panel too high and too wide not giving enough support to baby's delicate spine. Carrying with a quality baywrap like Didymos, Natibaby, Girasol, Hoppediz or Kokadi would certainly be the best solution, but my sister-in-law found that too unpractical for her. So I decided to sew a newborn meitai from a Didymos Silber Wellen wrap.

The panel can be adjusted

The headrest supports the baby's head especially when he is asleep

This specific one can be worn inside out so there is a bit of variety in the design. The inside is made from a Didymos Ellipsen black/ ecru

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