Saturday, 3 March 2012

Luisa body dress

In German sewing blogger circles there is a blogger, Schnabelina, who writes awesome tutorials, designs wonderful clothes and other items and just gives these tutorials to anyone for FREE! Some tutorials you can find on her blog, others will be sent to you by e-mail, but still for free. Recently she asked for a voluntary contribution via an amazon voucher, since she wanted to get some software for creating patterns. It was good to see that many people chipped in and she had the software quite quickly.

Her most recent tutorial is the body dress Luisa. It is actually a very thorough tutorial showing and explaining lots of variations and on top of the dress also a pattern for some trousers.

I started off with the trousers in red knit velour, which also fit perfectly to the retroflower baby set. I will show pictures of them later on, they were in the washing machine, when I took pics of the body dress.

So here it is, a combination of two fabrics from Janeasworld with red jersey and pink borders.

The body piece


My first rolled hem with the W6 overlock machine. Not perfect all around, but with a bit of practice...

I'm quite happy with the result and will certainly make more of these for summer. This one I might still pimp a bit and show you the pictures then.

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