Sunday, 23 June 2013

Birthday dress and X-mas skirt for my big girl

Yeah, I know, my attempts to catch up are really slow... Still in December...

A quite spontaneous and quick skirt for Christmas (made from the top of a skirt of mine, the bottom was attached to my Christmas outfit)

The colour is a bit hard to catch, it's actually aubergine, not brown.

Just after Christmas for my daughter's 4th birthday a dress in fuchsia corduroy.

Since my daughter is sucking in stories, enacting and retelling them to herself (or whoever is listening) and she loves fairies, I decided to make it a 'Lesefee' (Reading Fairy) Dress. Actually I think she came up with this herself!

The script is made with the embroidery machine, the fairy I embroidered free-hand with the sewing machine.

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